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And continuing the sporting theme is Ravenscraig Sports Centre near Motherwell, which features an array of interesting cladding features, such as an erupting roofline and diagonally-laid trapezoidal cladding.  Also featured prominently is Euroclad’s sinusoidal cladding, which has helped the unique sports centre become an attractive and familiar part of the Lanarkshire landscape.

Euroclad supplied 22,000m2 of wall cladding, which formed a thermally efficient envelope around the sports centre.  There are many factors that need to be balanced when designing and constructing an architecturally striking leisure facility that must also meet the very practical requirements of a sports venue. At Ravenscraig those objectives were achieved by specifying systems and products that create an arresting and unique building whilst taking into consideration practical requirements such as durability and cost.



Euroclad is committed to innovation. It is always front of mind for us and it is at the heart of everything we do. Whether through new product development, process improvement or service enhancement we’re always innovating to keep moving forward.

The most recent Euroclad innovation is in sinusoidal profiled sheeting for roof and wall cladding.

Recent investment in state-of-the-art manufacturing machinery enables us to provide this increasingly popular profile on a short lead time and at a competitive price.

Formerly known as ‘corrugated’ the sinusoidal profile is the granddaddy of all modern profiled roofing and cladding.

Recently this profile has experienced a renaissance; either providing a deliberately retro finish or delivering a new aesthetic to younger generations not familiar with it.  Now available manufactured by state-of-the-art machinery from premium Colorcoat pre-finished steels the profile has all of the quality and performance of modern metal cladding combined with the smooth, symmetrical curves of a sine wave.

It’s also available as an Elite System..

with specified thermal and acoustic performance; as well as a 12 or 25 year guarantee available with Elite or ElitePlus Systems respectively.

The extended family of Euroclad products is always growing; the commitment to a constant cycle of product, process and service enhancement and new product development maintain the highest possible standards across the range of products.

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