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Word Gets Around

If you’ve seen November’s RCI you’ll know that it’s the Quattro edition this month, with our new spacer system dominating the front page.

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The implementation of Building Regulations Part L2: 2010 ‘Conservation of Fuel and Power’ has positioned the spacer as an even more critical factor to the thermal efficiency and stability of a metal roofing or cladding system. With the requirements to make buildings more thermally efficient, so the insulation depths increase to meet the desired U-values. As a result the ‘traditional’ spacer may struggle to accommodate increased depths of insulation and could become unstable when dynamic loads are applied to the roof, such as loading sheets out during installation.

Euroclad Quattro Bar & Bracket System

Euroclad Quattro Bar & Bracket System

  That’s why we’ve devoted our experience, knowledge and resources to the development of Quattro, a new spacer system that is stronger and less expensive than traditional systems.  Quattro provides better performance at a lower price and it’s also designed to work with any metal envelope construction that requires a spacer system, such as vertical and horizontal wall cladding and built-up metal roofing systems.  Quattro forms an integral part of Euroclad’s Elite Systems and with this new product at the heart of any metal envelope the construction can be confidently described as Quattro Secure.

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