Metal Theft On The Increase

Metal theft is estimated to cost at least £700 million a year to the UK economy and hundreds of properties are becoming targets to thieves who see the rising price of metals such as lead and zinc as an opportunity to cash in. The threat of metal robbery poses financial and structural implications for home owners and businesses, as well as community institutions such as schools, hospitals and places of worship. This can result in increased insurance premiums, large costs for repair and replacement and massive disruption to homeowners and businesses, not to mention the emotional trauma associated with being a victim of crime.

Have you or your customers have been targeted by metal thieves, do you have concerns that your property could be next on the list or are you considering a new construction or building refurbishment? If so then it would be in your interests to consider a cost effective alternative to scrap-valuable metals that delivers the same performance with a significant reduction in the risk of theft.
Vieo is a simple cost-effective alternative to traditional metal roofing which offers the aesthetic and charm of time-honoured materials like lead or zinc.

Vieo Roof and Wall System

Vieo Roof and Wall System

Vieo is available as a warm or cold roof and is suitable for use with residential, commercial and public buildings. The principle is simple and effective. A flat pan sheet features simple over and under laps each side. These laps sit over a stainless steel clip that is fixed to the substrate. The laps are mechanically folded over the clip in a straightforward, two-stage process.

System benefits include:
• Part L Compliant
• Hidden fixings to help achieve attractive finish
• Factory manufactured or produced on-site using specialist mobile equipment
• Fast Installation

Rainwater goods, fabrications and flashings are available as Vieo system accessories.
Whether Vieo is produced at Euroclad’s extensive manufacturing facility in South Wales or produced onsite, a high quality product with comprehensive technical support can be assured.

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    Hi my name is jeremy ellis i have 14 years experience of cladding,marble,granite&stone and trespa pannels fisher fixing and so on.
    I was just wondering if you had any positions available at the moment.
    thanks jeremy.

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