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Manufacturing video

The complex process of manufacturing a range of eight roof, five liner and eight wall profiles from three types of Colorcoat® pre-finished steels in a wide range of colours can sometimes be overlooked when purchasing metal roof and wall cladding profiles.  We believe our manufacturing process to be the best in the industry; from the purchase of raw materials, through manufacture, packaging and shipment.

And in order to show you just how committed we are to maintaining the highest possible standards of manufacturing we have recently completed a video showing just what we do to ensure we deliver the most appropriate, consistently-manufactured products in the industry.  Combine our manufacturing excellence with comprehensive sales, customer service and technical support and the result is the best possible products, service and quality.


Vieo installation guide

One of the advantages of our products is how simple and straightforward they can be to install.  Despite this it’s never easy doing something for the first time; especially if you haven’t been shown how to do it.  So common sense has prevailed with the production of the first in a range of installation guides that provide guidance through video footage and comprehensive documentation.  Vieo is the first to receive this treatment and, whilst training is available, this new installation guide will fill in any gaps that seasoned installers may have, whilst providing a comprehensive education in the installation of Vieo, covering the principles of the roof system and exploring some of the idiosyncrasies that might save you time on site.

See the new video on our website – click here - or see our Youtube channel – click here

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