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David or Goliath?

It is easy to pigeon-hole modern metal roofing products as solutions for hulking great sports complexes or vast industrial warehouses; but Vieo is proving to be one metal roofing system that is less easily stereotyped. Since its launch in September 2010 the size and diversity of its application has been as wide as it gets – and it’s just as popular fixed to the wall. The reason for this far-reaching appeal is a combination of attractive aesthetics – a flat pan and subtle seam with no visible fixings – with the well-documented performance benefits of contemporary metal roofing.

Examples of this assortment of applications include Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge and Pipers Way, a huge housing development in Swindon. On a smaller scale Vieo’s popularity is embodied by a number of meticulously installed developments including a show home at Taymouth in Scotland and a Community Church in Bristol. To see some of the diverse projects that Vieo is helping to realise go to our gallery or visit flickr and view our Vieo collection.

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